Book Reviews

"Oh My God. First impression:

Besides, I love everything. What struck me was how some pieces took their inspirtaion from the artists' heritage--the Bering Sea cultures, India, Africa, etc. 

The book is so beautifully presented. Thank you so much for autographing it. It will be one of my library's treasures. I must do some more thinking before I can start a conversation on how to present these masterpieces and artists. They will look like God. I have their images and interviews. Thank you for creating this masterwork. The book is a masterpiece, too. With all my best",

Barbara Steinberg

"When I read this book it gave me a different outlook on the women's jewelry business. I appreciatethe photos and each designer's different story, is so inspirational-the world needs that"

Rory Morse

 "This book has been a labor of love for Linda and reading over the interview we did @by_couture in 2019 is like stepping back in time. Thank you for the memory.This is something my kids will have long after I am gone".

Brent Neale 

"I am extremely honored to be a part of this project".

Baiyang Qiu

"While I have known about this for a very long time, seeing it come together after all of these years of hard work from @lindakozloffturner, the book Women of Jewelry is even more mind blowing. To be among these strong and talented women is just surreal. Such a beautiful highlight of a career that brought me so much joy for many years. Thank you"

Doryn Wallach

"It's out and available. What an honor to be included. So much talent, and ALL WOMEN! Yes we are very much a part of this industry. Gorgeous Book!"

Robin Waynee


 My copy of 100 Women of Jewellery arrived this morning.  What beautiful books you have written and published.  I am so pleased to be included and I know it is going to be much admired in my drawing room.

Thank you.

With warmest wishes,

Elizabeth Gage

"You are amazing! And I LOVE the book. Got it last week and it is beautiful. Thank you Linda!

Deirdre Featherstone

    Well, starting from the outside, the elegant presentation case hints at the treasures inside.  One wants to open it slowly as if opening a Christmas present.
    Next comes the goodies inside.  By using two volumes instead of one, it's easier and more comfortable to enjoy.  Plus, now there is twice the delight.
    I found your interviews stylishly written and a pleasure to read.  You clearly conveyed your challenges and delights of connecting with each artist.  
    Each artist has a unique and fascinating  story to tell.  Yet the theme of book came through clearly.  In a field dominated by men, women are just as or more talented and capable in the field of jewelry arts.  Their drive, their passion and their talent are unequalled.
   Finally, the quality of the books are exceptional.  The beautiful color plates almost caused me to drool on the books - God forbid.   These books are and will always be a family treasure.  Bravo, Linda, Bravo.
Visually stunning and written with a poetic passion for her subject matter. Each of the 100 women has a unique story captured and collected in these pages as a diverse group of women from every corner of the earth united by their common love of jewelry.

-Theresa Peregoy G.G.
"These books are incredible! I'm so glad they are part of my library!
Carmen H.

"I just finished reading your pre-complete booklet. I was going to simply read a couple of the stories, and get on with the day. I couldn't put it down! I read cover to cover without stopping. Yes, there are a few edits needed, but the content totally overshadowed any such issues. I feel it could inspire a future entrepreneur in realms other than jewelry. I plan to loan it to a friend who has quit her career as an aesthetician and massage therapist, and is experimenting with jewelry, to see her reaction. Thanks so much for your gift to me of this advance copy".